Monday, March 15, 2010

Minky Fabric = Lovey

Fabric has overtaken my house. I have a real problem - I just love to buy it! My husband is concerned it's going to land me on Hoarders someday (kidding of course), but seriously - I have TOO MUCH fabric, and it's therefore in multiple storage boxes in multiple areas of my house! So my youngest, who is *almost* two (sniff,sniff) is very attached to his loveys. He calls them "double" - no idea where that came from, but we just go with it. ;) Anyway, all of his "doubles" are made with minky, and so anytime he finds ANY of my minky fabric, he runs off with it... I'm forever finding minky scraps all over the house, and he's forever increasing his stash of loveys.

Guess that means I should find a better hidden storage solution. :)

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