Thursday, January 20, 2011

Germ Fest

Probably my least favorite part of parenting is when my kids are ill.  It truly is terrible - no matter what's wrong.  You agonize over how to make them feel better, and feel incredibly helpless because you can't fix it by just snapping your fingers.  I really. really. really. hate. it. 

Leyton, the namesake for my Etsy shop, is sick.  And I mean really sick.  Big Brother Britton had the flu AND croup this past weekend (even with a flu shot), and apparently Leyton has picked up the croup piece of that fun little duo.  4 days later, 2 visits to the doctor, steroids, and we are NOT much better.  Oh my goodness how long is this going to hang on?!?  I realize it's January - and they are going to get sick at some point.  But I'm over it at this point.  I'm really for healthy Leyton again!  Poor baby.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little fun for your Wednesday

I admit, I'm not really a romance reader.  And let's face it, these days with two small children I'm lucky if I get to read anything more than the daily reports they bring home from school and their bedtime stories.  However, I do try to catch up on my favorite blogs on lunch occasionally, and this is one I'm addicted to.  She's not only absolutely hysterical, but very real.  She's honest, intelligent, and makes me realize we all deal with similar things as moms to little ones. 

She's now drafted a romance novel, "Union Pacific," and is publishing one chapter a week (on Fridays) here.  Let me just say, it's FABULOUS.  A quick, fun read, and now I'm hooked.  Seriously, check it out.

Monday, January 3, 2011

...And Something For Her!

As promised, a peek at my newest (and current favorite) item! After making the necktie burp cloths for the boys, I knew I needed something for the little girls! I'm currently a huge fan of ruffles (putting them on anything and everything), and thought it would be fun to add some to a burpie! These are very simple ruffles - just made from jersey knit fabric... So no hems, just a shabby ruffle! Love it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Something for Him...

You may have noticed there are a few new items in my shop recently... One of which is specifically for the little man in your life! I've really enjoyed making the necktie burp cloths, but I can't take all the credit... I was talking to my friend Jill (of bellalulu) about all the super cute neck tie onesies you see on Etsy - LOVE these! She said something like, "it's too bad you can't put those on a burp cloth or something" and the neck tie burp cloth was born! Thanks Jill for the inspiration! And look for more necktie items coming soon!

(and stayed tuned for a post tomorrow just for the girls!)