Thursday, January 20, 2011

Germ Fest

Probably my least favorite part of parenting is when my kids are ill.  It truly is terrible - no matter what's wrong.  You agonize over how to make them feel better, and feel incredibly helpless because you can't fix it by just snapping your fingers.  I really. really. really. hate. it. 

Leyton, the namesake for my Etsy shop, is sick.  And I mean really sick.  Big Brother Britton had the flu AND croup this past weekend (even with a flu shot), and apparently Leyton has picked up the croup piece of that fun little duo.  4 days later, 2 visits to the doctor, steroids, and we are NOT much better.  Oh my goodness how long is this going to hang on?!?  I realize it's January - and they are going to get sick at some point.  But I'm over it at this point.  I'm really for healthy Leyton again!  Poor baby.

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