Friday, March 5, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (and a Giveaway!)

Wow - this week has FLOWN by! And finally, we have some NICE Spring-like weather. Sunny and 65 - doesn't get much better than that! :) I realize I totally missed Tuesday Happys. I realized it somewhere around Thursday. And decided "Thursday Happys" didn't have the same ring to it! One thing, if you have an Etsy shop and have something you want me to feature in Tuesday Happys, let me know, I might be able to build a theme around it! :) Leave me a comment if you are interested.

Second, I have another GIVEAWAY going on! This one is being hosted by Ashley Ann, who has a WONDERFUL blog called "Under the Sycamore" full of creativity and just great stuff all around. It's a short one - ends tomorrow night, so run on over and enter to win a Swaddle Blanket! Yea! This one has been really fun as she's local! She has a great following my area, and on Etsy all around.

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