Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lucky Me!

I know, behind again. My kids have been sick since last FRIDAY. Seriously. Can I get a break please? :) I think we are all on the mend now and both little guys are off to school tomorrow - for the first time this week! Good thing - my youngest little man turns 2 tomorrow and I have a birthday party to get ready for on Saturday! Nothing like the last minute... :)

Oh, on another note, I WON something last week! That NEVER happens to me! I rarely enter giveaways anymore because I never win. seriously. never. win. So anyway, I did, and I still can't believe I won! It's the cutest basket, from the cutest Etsy Seller (put together with a bunch of little goodies from various sellers), full of prizes! YEA! Check out Kelsey's adorable shop, Poofy Cheeks and her super fun blog here. Here's a pic of the Easter Basket (photo by Kelsey, Poofy Cheeks):


  1. Isn't it just SO MUCH FUN to win something?! It's like Christmas!

    This prize package looks adorable!

    BTW, Darah continues to sleep with her lovey for every nap. We are in deep trouble if we ever lose it! :-)