Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just Because

I'm the first to admit, we have some wonderful friends. Each year for Christmas I want to do something for them, and to be honest, most years I don't get to it. This year I was bound and determined to do SOMETHING. A few weeks ago, when we had our first hard freeze, my Mom pulled the last of her tomatoes from the vine to keep them from dying in the cold. Most of them were very green, but all ripened up nicely - leaving us with hundreds of tomatoes - literally... My husband is of Hispanic background, and makes a mean salsa. Seriously - the best. We've had friends come over to have him teach them how to make it. :) So we decided to put all those tomatoes to good use and make homemade salsa for our friends - something pretty unique, low cost, but meaningful. I dressed up the mason jars a bit with some twine , fun clip magnets, and homemade cards (if you read my teacher gift post - these cards and magnets will look very familiar :) ). Here's the final result - I think they turned out great! Can't wait to hear what our friends think of them (and hope they don't read this!).

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