Monday, December 6, 2010

A Christmas Mantle

Our mantle has been a work in progress for years. I've never been quite happy with it - and each year I play with it a bit more trying to get it just the way I want... This year, I think I'm finally there, or at least close.

Last year, I got the crazy idea that I needed a vintage sled as my mantle centerpiece. I love antiques, and my house is an eclectic mix of fun antiques and new pieces, but I'm not one that just has the "eye" for vintage. However, one of my good friends who is the owner of a very popular Etsy Vintage Shop is an expert (see her fantastic shop - BellaLulu - here). Last year, she let me tag along to a market with her on the hunt for a sled. I got lucky and we found one at almost the first area we went in. It truly is exactly what I had pictured in my head, and I love the look of it! You might wonder why the stockings are on the hearth and not hanging like they should from the mantle... Well, that would be for the safety of my sweet 2 1/2 year old little man (Leyton), who thinks things that hang are for pulling on. :) Until he's a bit older, we'll keep them down low so he can't knock himself out with a heavy stocking hanger falling on his head. :) And while the stockings are not super fancy or trendy, they are VERY close to my heart. My mom has made one for each member of my family, and I love them! They will forever be a part of my decor.

I added some cheap pine garland that I brightened up with some sparkly tinsel from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course!) and a few other pieces. One of my favorite Christmas decorating ideas is one I use in multiple places around my house (including on the far right of the mantle). I love the look of brightly colored glass ornaments in different vases, bowls, etc. It's an easy way to add color to any room without much cost or effort.

So what does your Holiday Mantle look like? I'd love to see it(and share for you on my blog)! :)

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