Friday, January 8, 2010

To Facebook, or Not Facebook...

I must admit, I'm mildly overwhelmed with the world that is Etsy. But in a good way of course... ;) I've always loved making things, and I thought, hey, what a great way to share my creations with the rest of the world! So I started Leyton Smiles on Etsy, and I love it.

Then someone mentioned I should blog. Ok, why not? That's easy! I already blog about my kids, so just add it to the list, right? :) So I started blogging for Leyton Smiles, and I love it.

And then someone said, "Hey, get your shop out there! Make it so people can find you!" And this is where I get overwhelmed. I have a facebook account, but I use it more to read updates on all my friends, I don't necessarily post a lot (or ever really)... I'm not good at showing off my own work. Very few of my IRL (in real life) friends know I sell stuff on Etsy. They just come to me and ask me to make stuff for them. So I do - and never mention that I have a little shop I'm so very proud of, but just too embarrassed to bring up. :) Silly, right? So the other day, when I was featured on "Fine Tooth Comb," (see previous post), my husband pushed me to post it on my FB page. And did I? Nope. Just couldn't do it. And since I have such a wonderful husband, without my prompting - he posted it on his.

So maybe this will teach me to be a stronger person. Just maybe. :)

P.S. - don't get me started on Twitter. I'm not even going there. Yet...

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  1. I say Facebook!!! It can't hurt and it opens the door wide open to more people knowing you from around the world! It's like the telephone game only it's called facebook! I don't care much for Twitter - but I"m ok with FB!